14th, April | Nikonos | Ektar100

⏀My first shoot with my new/old Nikonos iii which is an all mechanical rangefinder camera from 1975. I had been looking for one of these for ages as it's the only one from the Nikonos series which has 85mm framelines (which I much prefer to shoot at than 35mm) & after much searching the world wide web I ended up finding one on gumtree from a guy that lives 10 minutes down the road! The camera is awesome as it doesnt need an underwater housing, so it's much smaller and lighter than my DSLR setup which is perfect for chucking down my wetsuit so I can surf and shoot if I see something cool (which often happens). I paddled out this particular day on my stand up paddle board and sat on the shoulder of the reef. I'm surprised any actually turned out at all because I have no battery for the meter so I had to guess the exposure and the focus distance. Here they are anyway I hope you enjoy,